When Should I Get My Windows Replaced?


Is it Time to Get Your Windows Replaced?

It’s important to know when your home’s windows need to be replaced in order to maintain the efficiency of your home. Many factors can affect how often your windows need to be replaced, including the type of window, the age of your home, the climate, and whether or not the window has been properly maintained.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for replacement windows:

1. Your windows are drafty.

If you feel a draft coming from your windows, it’s time to replace them. Drafty windows are not only a waste of energy, but they can also make your home uncomfortable.

2. Your windows are difficult to open and close.

If you have to struggle to open and close your windows, it’s a sign that they’re no longer functioning properly. This can be a safety hazard, so it’s best to replace them as soon as possible.

3. Your windows are foggy.

Foggy windows are a sign of condensation. This means that your windows are no longer sealing properly, which can lead to energy loss.

4. Your windows are cracked.

If your windows are cracked, they’re not doing their job of protecting your home from the elements. Cracks can also let in drafts and pests.

5. Your windows are discolored.

Discoloration is a sign of sun damage. Over time, the sun can fade or discolor your windows. This not only affects the appearance of your home, but it can also affect the performance of your windows.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s time to call Best Window & Door Company for a free design consultation at 800-292-5594. We’ll help you choose the best windows for your home and budget.

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