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With Best Window & Door windows, you come out ahead. Your real comfort comes when you discover just how well your new windows keep unwanted heat and cold out of your home. Our glass window components are inventively designed and come together to create one of the most energy-efficient windows on the market today.

The frame and sash construction exceed industry standards and are tested against the most stringent requirements for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry, and much more.

We can stop those wasteful drafts

When you feel air moving through your windows you know you’re not only wasting energy, you are losing hard-earned money. Our windows maximize the reduction of air infiltration with triple weatherstripping.



What you need to know

A: U-FACTOR - Insulating value of the entire window system. Lower numbers reflect better insulating value.

B: SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT (SHGC) - Amount of heat from the sun passing through the glass. Lower numbers show glass is keeping heat from entering your home.

C: VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE - Amount of visible light passing through the glass. Higher numbers show glass is allowing more light to enter your home.

D: AIR INFILTRATION - How much air is entering or escaping through the window. Lower numbers show air is kept from entering or escaping.

E: CONDENSATION RESISTANCE - Amount of moisture it takes for glass to condensate when exposed to extreme interior and exterior temperature changes. Higher numbers show better resistance to condensation.

Featuring a multi-chambered frame and sash system, providing excellent durability and ultimate energy efficiency.

A: - 3 1/4" frame depth
B: -SunShield Vinyl
C: - 3/4" BW-ComforTech DLA for dual glaze and 1" BW ComfoTech TLA or TLK for triple glaze
D: - Integral Interlock at meeting rail
E: - Structural support leg resists deflection during winds
F: - Roller-Tilt balance system with color-matched covers
G: - Accesssory grooves for more interior and exterior trim options
H: - Surface mount locks
I: - Vent locks
J: - Top sash retention - no more sash drift
K: -Barrier-fin and bulb weatherstripping

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PHASE 3: Production

After a confirmation call it is our time to custom make your window and/or door products. (other projects will be ordered)

PHASE 4: Installation

1–2 weeks prior we will schedule an installation date, however, we may call at the last minute with an opening!

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