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Our aluminum storm windows that are designed to reduce energy consumption and save you money. Our professional class storm window products are custom built from the strongest and most durable materials to fit the exact specifications of your window openings.

Double Hung Aluminum Storm Windows


Our Double Hung storm windows are available in triple track or double track.


  • Pre-punched Installation Holes

  • Color Matched Installation Screws

  • Marine Glazing

  • Screw Corner Construction

  • Half Screen with Fiberglass Mesh

  • Fully Weather-stripped Tracks

  • Sill Expander

  • Interlocking Meeting Rail


Slider Aluminum Storm Windows

Our two and three lite sliders are perfect for many applications.


  • Marine Glazed

  • Color Matched Installation Screws

  • Screw Corner Construction

  • Bottom Rollers On All Operating Vents

  • Rustproof Screws and Clips

  • Commercial Grade Reinforced Tubular Sill


Picture Aluminum Storm Windows

Our Picture storm windows can help cut down on air infiltration.


  • Color Matched Installation Screws

  • Rustproof Screws and Clips

  • Marine Glazed Header Drip Caps

  • Screw Corner Construction

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When looking to beautify a home’s exterior, Royal’s Premium Shutters are an excellent choice. Crafted with care along with advanced polymer formulation, these high quality shutters will perform beautifully, without maintenance, for many years to come.

The Benefits of Shutters

  • True 9″, 12″ and 15″ widths allow full coverage over lines when replacing old wood shutters.

  • Louvers are more rigid for improved performance.

  • Shutters are heavier than industry standards for that truly solid wood look.

  • Color-through process resists fading and hides scratches to keep its freshly painted look for years.

  • Detailed woodgrain finish captures real wood look, but without the maintenance.

  • Shutter fasteners are included for easy mounting into siding and brick.

  • Available in Louvered and Raised Panel styles in heights ranging from 31" to 80".

  • Custom lengths available for all models.

  • All shutter colors can be painted using XIM Plastic & Vinyl Primer.

  • Available pre-primed so you can customize the shutters for greater design flexibility.

  • Available in 13 popular shades.

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Matching arched top panels also available.