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CedarMAX Insulated Vinyl Siding

CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding combines rigid foam EPS insulation¹ with our Super Polymer vinyl siding, providing an impressive combination of beauty, durability and energy efficiency.

Showcasing an authentic cedar woodgrain texture, CedarMAX siding offers a wide array of color options and four unique profiles so that you can easily choose colors that coordinate with your home’s exterior.

CedarMAX traditional lap siding and dutch lap siding profiles (Single 7″, Double 6″ and Triple 4″ Dutch Lap) can be used to clad an entire house. Or, they can be combined with CedarMAX Board and Batten vertical siding for a contrasting look. Any of the CedarMAX profiles pair well with ProVia’s manufactured stone or Harbor Mill­™ Shake and Shingle.

¹Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc’s Fullback Insulation

Engineered for Impact Resistance
Our Super Polymer formulation is engineered with high-grade impact modifiers that act as shock absorbers. These impact modifiers add strength and durability, providing protection from the unexpected—whether it’s an accidental strike from your child’s baseball or a stone projected from your lawn mower. In addition, the rigid EPS foam backing on CedarMAX provides five times greater impact resistance than non-insulated siding for even greater peace of mind.
Continuous Insulation
Tested and proven to increase the R-value² of an exterior wall, CedarMAX foam backed vinyl siding is one of the most energy-efficient exterior claddings on the market. That’s because unlike most wall insulation that resides only between studs, CedarMAX insulated siding covers the entire exterior wall, providing continuous insulation over studs that normally wouldn’t be insulated. Wall studs comprise up to 25% of a wall’s surface on an average home, and having them uninsulated equivalates to having one entire wall with no insulation at all!
Sound Reduction
Sometimes you want to open your windows and listen to certain noises outside, whether it’s the gentle sound of the breeze blowing through the trees or the cheerful melody of birds announcing the arrival of spring. Other times, you’d prefer to block out certain sounds, such as your neighbor’s chainsaw, a passing motorcycle, or a nearby plane taking off. The added foam insulation in CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding may help reduce outside noise transmission by as much as 39%, according to a study that Progressive Foam Technologies had conducted by a third-party test laboratory.
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Insulated Single 7″

Insulated Double 6″

Triple 4″ Dutch Lap

Board and Batten

CedarMax Colors

Options that fit your design style

Showcasing an authentic cedar woodgrain texture, CedarMAX siding offers a wide array of color options so that you can easily choose colors that coordinate with your home’s exterior.

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