Cedarmax Insulated Vinyl Siding



CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding performs an important function in a home’s energy performance: breaking the “thermal bridge” between the home’s studs and exterior cladding. Thermal bridging occurs when materials with poor insulating properties contact each other, allowing heat to flow through them.

Most wall insulation is placed between the studs. Wall studs, both wood and metal, conduct heat. And since wall studs represent up to 25% of the wall surface of an average home, that’s like having one entire wall with no insulation. Insulated siding blankets the home, providing continuous insulation to help increase the total wall R-value of a home.

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Heartteach Vinyl Siding



Recognized as the #1 Siding Best Buy by a leading consumer focused publication, HeartTech® has also been our number one selling product for nearly 30 years. Why? Because we’ve engineered this .044" product with sophisticated oak woodgrain to perform at its best utilizing our Super Polymer Formulation
coupled with optimum rigid structural design, and have backedwith a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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