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Due to the large territory that we cover, and the high demand for our products and services, we work diligently to ensure our visit with you is fully encompassing.

Also, If possible, we work to achieve a one time-visit that leaves you with the most up-to-date assessment of your project and pricing levels to include any qualifying promotions, discounts and/or finance programs you may qualify for.


Please have ALL the parties present that WILL BE INVOLVED in the DECISION-MAKING PROCESS for the PROPERTY.

This includes any applicable spouses, relatives, real estate owners (Landlords), Power of Attorney’s (POAs), siblings, neighbors or friends.***

***We REQUIRE this because when our associate visits you, he/she will provide you with our BEST INCENTIVES and/or discounts, Finance Offers, and Product Offerings that you may qualify for.

***If someone that you require to help you in the decision is not there, and you need their approval or input, it could eliminate, OR reduce the amount of incentive or discount you receive based on the PROMOTIONAL TERMS and CONDITIONS (

PLEASE PROVIDE US AT LEAST 90 to 120 Minutes for our visit. ***

***While this may seem like a long time, it is actually very fast. Our product offerings, the level of your remodel, and the options you may choose take time. This AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR HOME, we have a deep respect for that and will not rush it.

We will CONFIRM with you about your APPOINTMENT TIME and DATE the DAY PRIOR to our visit. PLEASE make sure to re-confirm that you can provide these requirements during our visit with you.

During our visit, if any necessary party is not present, or needs to discontinue their involvement with the appointment, or the amount of time needed for our visit is not provided, our BEST Sales Associate may pause the visit, and work to reset with you another time where all requirements can be met.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these policies. The vast scope of products and remodeling services provided by Best involves a detailed discussion and patient site visit.

By allowing us to fully present to you our products, your options, any qualifying incentives, and an accurate price, takes a little bit of time. It requires anyone involved in the remodeling to be a part of the visit for knowledge and promotional purposes.

This is your home. Your project. And your investment. Thank you for choosing the Best. Please give us a bit of your time, and we’ll provide you the Best we can.

Serving Greater Pennsylvania & West Virginia
The BEST Process!

PHASE 1: Initial Consultation

Initial contact and discussion with the Sales Representative on remodel products you would like to purchase and have installed.

PHASE 2: Measuring

Our installation expert will stop by to measure your project to ensure we have all the right measurements, materials, and tools for the job!

PHASE 3: Production

After a confirmation call it is our time to custom make your window and/or door products. (other projects will be ordered)

PHASE 4: Installation

1–2 weeks prior we will schedule an installation date, however, we may call at the last minute with an opening!

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