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Best Window & Door Company installers are experienced, professional, and friendly. Almost certainly, the professionals who bring your new Best Windows will have installed hundreds or thousands before.

Expect the Best and an Efficient Process

  • We'll phone you before we come out.

  • We'll re-measure your window opening and set out all the new windows before we begin.

  • We'll typically install your windows in a day, often in only a few hours.


Our Factory Supports Our Installers

  • If a part should break in transit, our installers will simply phone and tell the factory to dispatch another one pronto.

  • That's just one of many advantages of buying from Best, which manufactures its window.

The Basics of Installation

  • We'll "tarp out" your house, covering your flooring with protective cloths.

  • We'll remove your old windows and haul away all debris.

  • We'll install and adjust each new window, filling in where necessary with spray-polyurethane insulation for a weatherproof, snug fit and caulking the exterior.

  • We'll replace the original interior stop moulding around your windows using only the finest quality pine or optional oak.

Quality Testing, Clean-up and Demonstration

  • We'll remeasure to ensure your new windows are within correct tolerances

  • We'll test each window to ensure it opens and closes easily

  • We'll clean up inside and out and will will also vacuum

  • We'll take the time to show you how your new windows work and answer any questions

After We Have Gone

  • We know you'll be another Best satisfied customer

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