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Energy Savings



35% Energy Savings is guaranteed for the fuel consumption at the address stated on the contract during a one year (12 month period). This one year (12 month) period begins upon the date installation is final and complete and ends one full year thereafter. Should fuel savings be less than 35% for the measured period of one year, the homeowner should contact Best Window & Door Company who will provide and/or request all necessary paperwork and documentation to complete in order to record and calculate possible payment.

Approved payments will be given at triple the difference of previous year’s consumption minus current year’s consumption not to exceed the maximum payment amount listed herein ($600.00). Calculation for reimbursement is based on baseline computations utilizing a 10 month average consumption (for heating and air conditioning) and a 6 month average consumption (heating only) cost excluding the months of May and October. Baseline computations reference home conditioned area, heating system type and efficiency, exterior wall insulation levels, and thermostat settings. The 35% Energy Savings Guarantee is contingent upon the following criteria:

  • All windows must be replaced in residence condition spaced area (basement windows included for finished heated basements).

  • Offer only valid for GOLD SERIES and SILVER SERIES windows replaced. All Gold series windows replaced must have Low-E/Argon Gas, or BW60/Argon Gas.

  • Offer only valid for single or two family dwelling units.

  • An Energy Analysis, to include Blower Door/Duct Blaster Testing, may be conducted by Best Window & Door Company and or it’s associated affiliate at any time to verify claim and validate entire home building performance in reference to replaced window units. Home Energy Analysis includes a comprehensive study of all home thermal performance characteristic and levels, to include lighting, heating, hot-water, and appliance efficiencies.

  • Maximum payment back to customer is $600.00 per residence.

  • Claims must complete all required paperwork and provide all requested utility documents.

  • Claims made without submittal of proper documentation are considered not valid and unqualified for reimbursement.

  • Homeowner must maintain heating system properly.

  • All exterior doors must operate and seal properly as determined by Best Window & Door company.

  • All homes with fireplaces must have properly sealed fireplaces that utilize an operating (open and closable) flue system.

  • Homes with the sole heat source of electric baseboard heat are excluded from this offer.

  • All air conditioning window units must be removed during heating season (October – March).

  • Adjustments for extreme adverse weather conditions and time periods will be calculated into claims for reimbursement payback.

  • Reimbursement will be issued in form of credit towards future purchases, company gift certificates, or cash issue to claimant (within 30 days of claim approval). Claimant to indicate reimbursement method desired.

  • Best Window & Door Company reserves the right to inspect any home that claims are issued for in order to validate that the home meets the criteria set forth in this offer. Best Window & Door Company reserves the right to disqualify any claims that do not meet the criteria set herein as determined by Best Window & Door Company.