1. Offer valid for in-home sales presentations only.

  2. Offer valid only at time of initial visit. Customers electing to postpone purchase beyond the original/initial visitation-site assessment date, do not qualify for the $1500.00 discount.

  3. The $1500.00 discount applies to the Full Retail Selling Price for the product and installation calculated for the bath area (wet area – tub and/or shower area ONLY) remodel. The $1500.00 will be deducted from the initial retail total calculated by the Sales Representative at the time of visit.

  4. The $1500.00 discount applies to the following conversions 1) shower to shower, 2) tub-to-shower, 3) shower-to-tub, and 4) tub-to-tub. No walk-in or soak-in tub conversions qualify for this promotion.

  5. $1500.00 discount valid for cash and finance purchases.

  6. $1500.00 discount applies to all finance programs available to the customer and qualification by the customer to receive applicable finance programs.

  7. The 0% at 84 months finance option is available for purchases exceeding $10,000.00. Additional finance programs are available at 0% at various other term period based on purchase levels. Best Group Holdings Inc. Sales Representatives will provide the available/applicable finance program based on purchase levels and credit ratings at the time of visit and credit application completion.

  8. Offer valid ONLY for bath wet area remodels (Tub and/or Shower area ONLY) and may not be used with any other product or service or any other bath area.

  9. Best Group Holdings, Inc reserves the right, and at their sole discretion, and at any time, without consent or notice, to alter or eliminate any term provided herein individually or in total.

  10. The $1500.00 discount availability is limited to the ability of Best Group Holdings, Inc. to provide such a discount based on industry demand, material costs, and labor costs and may adjust and or eliminate said discount without notice as stated herein.