Best Group Holdings, Inc. (dba Best Window & Door Company, Sunesta Awnings of Johnstown, and Sunesta Awnings of Pittsburgh) will make the initial payments for any customer purchasing windows, doors, awnings, shade systems, or vinyl sidings under the following terms and conditions:


  • All customers qualifying must be using Best Group Holding current finance programs/lenders (Greensky, Service Financial, and/or Foundation Finance).


  • Offer valid for In-Home Product and Installation (product must be purchased and installed by Best Group Holdings) services only.


  • Offer valid for Residential/Primary Home purchases. Rental properties, business properties, and/or any commercial properties do not qualify for finance payment option.


  • Offer is valid for in-home demonstrations only.


  • Offer valid at the time of INITIAL visit only. All customers electing to delay purchase at initial visit surrender their right to this offer as this offer is time limited/time sensitive based off volume of customers accepting initial offer.


  • Contractor/Distributor purchases are void from this offer.


  • No cash or third-party lending transactions qualify.

  • 84 Months Finance Option is a volume based option only available in limited issuance throughout the marketing offer cycle. In the event a customer selects the 84 month option during a period it is unavailable or discontinued by the providing lending agencies (at no fault of Best Window & Door Company), the customer will be presented with 0% @ 72 Month, 2.99% @ 120 Months, or 2.99% @ 144 Months as secondary finance options.


  • Payments made as either one payment, two payments, or three payments, are processed as follows:


                   1. Work Order totals between $2000.00 - $4499.00– One Month’s payment will be remitted from BWD

                   2. Work Order Totals between $4500.00- $5999.00 – Two Month’s payments will be remitted

                   3. Work Order Totals that exceed $6000.00 and above – Three Month’s payments will be remitted.





Payments may be remitted in the following formats:

  1. Additional Discount equivalent to calculated payment amount deducted from current sale total of initial purchase price

  2. Credit used against future orders or additional add-ons at the time of purchase

  3. Issued in the form of check rebate sent via mail from Best Window & Door Company to the customer (allow for 30 to 45 days for payment reimbursement)


Best Group Holdings, Inc reserves the right to alter these terms at any time in partial or whole.


Customers that cancel order after cash payment mailed rebates have been remitted will be held responsible to return any payments made on their behalf.


The duration of this offer is limited and may be terminated at any time without formal or written notice.