Best Window & Door Company installers want to ensure that your next home improvement purchase is any easy and painless process from start to finish. Here are the 4 Phases to have having your products installed


Initial contact and discussion with the Sales Representative on the window and/or door products you would like to purchase and have installed.


You will be contacted by our office staff to schedule a re-measure with our Installation Manager. He is the installation expert who will stop by to take measurements of each window and/or door unit so that we can ensure we have all the right measurements, materials, and tools for the job. We will set up a date to meet with you at YOUR CONVENIENCE.


After a confirmation call with you going over the details of your contract, this is our time to custom make your window and/or door products. We pay attention to every detail and want your home to be as attractive as you do.


Normally, you will be called well in advance (usually 1–2 weeks) to schedule an installation date, however, we may call at the last minute with an opening.  The installers will generally arrive at your home between the hours 8am – 9am to begin your work. We ask that you, or some other responsible person(s) chosen by you, be present for the initial start of the installation. This helps our installers discuss their plan for working each area of the home prior to beginning the work.  After the installers start their work, feel free to run errands, do chores, or just relax.


Please note: Best Window & Door Company will remove ALL window coverings and furniture at the time of installation. We only ask that you personally remove any small “knick-knacks” or things of high or sentimental value. We will also replace all of the furniture and window covering after the job is complete. If you are uncomfortable with Best Window performing these duties, we ask that you then prepare the area for our installers by providing us at least TWO feet of wall access and removal of all Window Coverings


That’s all there is to it. So, relax and let us do the work!

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